Pregnancy Assistance is a Perth based charity providing compassionate care, emotional, practical and informational support to women and men in need throughout their pregnancy and post birth. We also offer professional counselling for women and men affected by pregnancy loss (abortion, miscarriage, still birth and ectopic pregnancy).

Our Team

Our staff and volunteers have a heart for all women and a passion for life. We are a dedicated team, committed to serve our community with love and compassion. Our Board of Directors have quarterly meetings to ensure the organization runs smoothly. They give their time and talents freely and generously.

What Drives Us

Our purpose is to provide support for pregnant women who are experiencing difficult circumstances, distress or poverty due to unexpected pregnancy, abortion concerns, financial hardship, domestic violence, homelessness, relationship breakdown, mental health, grief & loss and drug addiction.

We aim to create an environment in which every woman has free access to informational, practical and compassionate support when impacted by pregnancy or pregnancy loss.

To achieve this PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE will demonstrate the following values:

  • be welcoming to all
  • be non-judgmental
  • listen with respect and impartiality
  • seek to provide hope where there is despair
  • demonstrate love where there is injury and pain
  • offer dignity where there is worthlessness
  • offer safety to the vulnerable; and
  • provide a place of rest for the distressed